"I’m so glad my dad has somewhere to spend his days that he enjoys!"

Allison R.

“Jane was in a good mood and ate well at home on Thursday and this weekend. Glenner is doing something right because she is more engaged after being there!”

Dennis F

"The entire team at Glenner has helped increase my Grandad's happiness and quality of life immensely during this pandemic, and we cannot thank you enough for all the support you have provided."

Jonah Gerke

“I have never had a bad occurrence here! Thank you!”

Dave S. (Glenner Center Participant)

“John love love loved his first day. Those are his words. I am so grateful that he has a place like this to go to. Thank you to everyone involved.”

Yolanda B.

“My brother-in-law is so excited that they have moved there from other facility. Thank you for all you do for your happy people there and also for the caregivers. Everyone needs a little break. I’m happy for my sister as well. God bless all who work there.”

Lupe P.

“My dad spent some time there last week and he seemed so much more alive. Looking forward to his second day tomorrow!”

Tracey B.

“My dad has been going to the Glenner Center since late February. They just moved into Town Square two weeks ago, this is week 3, maybe week 4. The Glenner Center has been amazing with him and for me too because i don’t have to worry about what he’s doing while i’m at work. He doesn’t feel “old” so he thinks that he goes there to work. It was their idea and it worked like a charm. Everyone is just wonderful, and since he’s busy all day, we both sleep better at night. Yay!!”

Drina B.

“The Glenner Center provided wonderful care to our mother. With the help of the Glenner Center, dad was able to keep mom at home up until 8 weeks before her death. Your center provided a wonderful support system for dad and the rest of the family and mom flourished in your care. Our family is forever grateful to everyone at the Hillcrest Glenner Memory Care Center.”

Karen H.

“Thank you so much for all that you do for the members of Town Square® and especially for Susie. We are so grateful for the kindness, support and compassion you have shown our family as we move further into our journey with Alzheimer’s.”

Joey & Jenn T.

“I cannot tell you how thankful and pleased we are!! It has literally been life changing having her at Town Square!”

Sheri B.

"Many thanks to you and your team. Lynne had good day Friday. I couldn’t believe she sat down and played the piano. I haven’t heard her play in 20 yrs."

Bob V.

"My wife continues to benefit greatly from the Encinitas Glenner Day Care Program. She attends 5 days a week and enjoys spending time with her friends and staff. The Glenner Center is not only a benefit to her, but the respite I receive is critical to maintaining my mental health and stability. I’m not sure how well I would be doing without it."

Bruce K.

"The Encinitas staff consistently treats my wife with resect and affection that preserves her dignity and feelings of belonging to a community. They are truly an amazing group of kind and patient caregivers."

Bruce K.

"Hi Cindy and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to speak with both my mom and me; you are truly a gift to this world! I am so blessed to have met you and I’ll give you a call to set up a time next Tuesday or Thursday to come in and meet everyone. I know that you will all make a difference in our lives and so many others as well. Thank you for your kindness, your compassion and all of your hard work and efforts; you are amazing. I know this is exactly where we are supposed to be! Thank you for everything!"

Jayme D

"I’m sure that Michael’s time at Glenner was responsible for his great adjustment to his Memory Care facility. He continues to enjoy talking to others and participating in all the activities. Thank you for a wonderful experience at Glenner!"

Adrienne G.

"Thank you for the information you have given me. It helped me understand what it is about. I am so thankful to you and Shannon for being there during a time where I didn't know where to turn. Also, please tell Pam that she was like an angel that showed up during the time that I was losing my sanity and enrolled me into GLENNERCARE.

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me, my husband and my mom. Dementia/Alzheimer’s is very, very bad.

Thanks, I appreciate you all!"

Mary G.

“I truly believe Glenner is the reason my Mom is still active and involved. Thanks again for your care and attention.”

Soo L.

“Thank you and the team immensely for the support you not only provide the participants but the caregivers. You truly are the gold standard. When I enter Glenner or speak to anyone on the team, it is clearly much more than a job to you all. You care deeply about the work you do and the people you serve which is exactly the type of social worker I want to interact with. You have to care, and I can tell by all of your support and guidance you all care. I have learned more than you can believe from just simple emails and conversations with you and your team. Thank you for caring for our loved ones, as well as us - their family members. It makes this road less difficult to navigate.”


“Dail just asked me if he can go to the center more often. Yes! Thank you and the staff for making Dail’s visits meaningful. Can’t wait for the Town Square to open!”

Marie S.

“Town Square is like Disneyland for Seniors!”

Susie D.

“Dear Glenner Family, Lowell asked me to tell you how much he appreciated the efforts you put into celebrating Veterans Day this year. We could both see how much time and thought you put into each item. What a wonderful celebration you provided!”

Lowell and Pam K.

“Thank you for making my husband sing! You were so patient and so lovingly showed the potential for his new life there. He left so HAPPY. Bless you!”

Carolyn A.

“Everyone is so nice and welcoming; it makes me feel so much better leaving him there knowing those are the people he is with.” ~Helen S.

Helen S.

“I’m so glad I found you guys, I don’t know where I’d be without the center and your staff.” ~David A.

David A.

“You really have the best staff, every single person I interact with is just wonderful. It’s really quite amazing. The program you all have created is really next level quality.” ~Cathy M.

Cathy M.

“I’m sure that Michael’s time at Glenner was responsible for his great adjustment to his Memory Care facility. He continues to enjoy talking to others and participating in all the activities. Thank you for a wonderful experience at Glenner.” ~Adrian F.

Adrian F.

“All of you became a family to us and made our life possible and very beautiful. We will always look back to our experiences with you with beautiful memories and a lot of gratitude. It will be a miracle for him to reenter the program.” ~Angela P.

Angela P.