A time capsule created at Glenner Town Square in Chula Vista, California.

Glenner Town Square offers comfort for those with cognitive decline

A daytime care facility for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Unique adult day center in Southern California has been designed with a purpose

A new center for dementia patients re-creates a town square in a test of reminiscence therapy

Model town for treating dementia is set to be replicated around the U.S.

Delivering Innovative Adult Care Services to Seniors

The country's first “dementia town square," a simulated village made to look like it’s from the 1950s

A new treatment center that’s opening near San Diego, California may help both patients and families

A cutting-edge adult day care center where Alzheimer’s patients can travel through 14 storefronts and stations

A new adult care center is opening next month in Chula Vista.

Glenner Town Square is an Alzheimer's day care center in San Diego, California, and will open this month

Iconic images of the 1950s and early 1960s are being brought to life for Alzheimer's patients

A real-life time capsule has been constructed in Chula Vista.

Taking the idea of reminiscence therapy to its most ambitious conception.

The happiest place on earth?

The project is titled Town Square, a full-scale, fully functional 1950s village set to open in 2018.

A downtown of shops, restaurants and even a nursery

An immersive experience for adults with dementia to help them discuss the past

Model towns meant to spark memories could help patients with dementia

One 1950s-themed town will have a city hall, a movie theater, and a park

Can a faux 1950s downtown sharpen the minds of dementia patients?

It all started with a fifth-grade class project

An unorthodox approach to help seniors cope with Alzheimer's disease

There will be a ‘50s diner, a pet store with a huge fish tank, a museum, a library, and a department store!

A very unorthodox way of helping dementia patients

We are seeing a need because day care is an up and coming care option

Revolutionary day care for Alzheimer's sufferers: Dementia villages

The goal: a completely immersive experience.

Les Siegel on KABC Radio in Los Angeles
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Fully functional mock town square made to look like 1950s era San Diego

Reminiscence work involves talking about things from the past

Set designers are building a mini, 1950s-styled version of San Diego.

Day-care to rely on T-birds and jukeboxes for memory retrieval

Research has already shown that it helps improve mood

Plans to build as many as 100 more Town Squares in cities around the country in future years.

Town Square - a San Diego themed city built just for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.

The thought process of reminiscence therapy is it helps reduce agitation, improve mood and improve sleep quality

The Doctors discuss a new concept that could revolutionize the way we care for people struggling with Alzheimer’s.