The George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Centers, Inc.® has partnered with San Diego-based Seqster to provide you with an opportunity to gain free access to the latest innovation for monitoring and preserving your loved ones’ health information.

Seqster is a free health application that automatically brings personal health data together in one place.  By having access to all information in a single location, Seqster makes it easy for the entire family, not just the primary caregiver, to be involved in the care of an affected family member.

A person’s health data is a valuable asset, much like financial wealth, that can be preserved and passed on to help future generations of your family.  Your heirs may use this health information to make better life choices based on their family’s health history and even contribute their family’s health data to accelerate medical breakthroughs.

Seqster allows you to:

  • Collect and monitor your family’s health data in one place.
  • Create a multi-generational health record to preserve your love ones’ health data for future generations.
  • Contribute your family’s health data to help advance medical research on your terms.
  • Involve your family in the care of an affected loved one to help make the responsibility of the primary caregiver more manageable.

For questions, please contact Seqster at or the Glenner Centers at

Seqster takes your privacy very seriously. To ensure confidentiality, we keep your data locked in a secure, encrypted system with restricted access.  Seqster uses 256-bit SSL v3 encryption