Dependable Daughter

Choosing the right product can make a difference.

Staying dry can keep you healthier by reducing the risk of skin irritation and urinary tract infections. We help you choose the level of absorbency and moisture protection that is right for your loved one.

Everyone is unique. We offer our clients many products that you won’t find in stores. We will send samples, so you can determine the products that fit best and feel most comfortable.

Incontinence varies from small accidents to full voids. There are many different options available and we can work with you to find which products are right for every level of incontinence.

  • Get Personal Assistance From An Expert In Senior Care
  • Discreet Delivery To Your Door The Next Day * (Most Cases)
  • Additional Personal Supplies & Nutritional Supplements Also Available
  • Easy Reorders Just Say, “Same As Last Time” or Set-Up Automatic Orders
  • 5% of all purchases go towards supporting the mission of the Glenner Centers

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