Explaining Dementia to Children

Dementia doesn’t affect just one person. Once diagnosed, the entire family is affected not just the individual. It is a difficult disease for any adult to […]

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Emotional and Financial Costs of Caregiving

Caregiving can take a toll both mentally and emotionally. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about those costs.

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Are You a Caregiver? You Are Not Alone

Are You a Caregiver? You Are Not Alone Many family caregivers do not label themselves as a caregiver, because they see their caregiving responsibilities as part […]

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San Diego Alzheimer's Help

Alzheimer’s and Adult Daycare

Adult day care and adult day care centers provide structured activities and therapy in safe and supportive environments for adults that need mental and social stimulation. […]

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San Diego Addresses Alzheimer’s Head On

Alzheimer’s affects over 60,000 people in San Diego alone and is estimated to reach 100,000 by the year 2030. The Alzheimer’s Project was approved in 2014 […]

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event recap
Deb Higgins - October
blog roundup

Blog Round-up

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our new Blog Round-up! Everything from the latest research to caregiving tips will now be listed here every other Friday! My Project: […]

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adult financial planning

Adult Care Financial Planning – What are the Signs of Financial Exploitation?

Today’s post is part of a monthly series by Deborah Higgins, President of Higgins Capital Management, Inc., on adult care financial planning. As an adult-care giver, […]

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Tips for Traveling with a Loved One

With the summer season in full swing, vacations are something we all look forward to as an opportunity to recharge our batters, explore new places, meet […]

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NEW! Introducing Blog Round-Up

Hi Everyone! We are now going to create a gathering of news, articles, and blogs. Everything from the latest research to caregiving tips will now be […]

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