Guardian Angels

The mission of the Guardian Angels (GA) Program is to recruit, train and link adult and minor volunteers with isolated seniors residing in long term care facilities throughout San Diego County, as well as any resident senior who would benefit from a GA volunteer.

Program Overview
The Guardian Angels Program (GA) was organized by County Supervisors Dianne Jacobs and Pam Slater-Price with the purpose of reducing the isolation of elderly residents residing in long-term care facilities.

Since 2001, the Glenner Centers have supported and overseen the growth of the GA program. As of 2011, the GA program has over 150 service sites and over 150 active volunteers. In partnership with the Glenner Memory Care Centers, we strive not only to eliminate senior isolation, but to also educate the community on topics related to seniors and aging.

Guardian Angels’ volunteers are aware of how important our seniors are. Through their stories we learn of where we’ve been and where we’re going, in sitting with them we learn patience, in communicating with them we learn how to listen, and by simply visiting with them we learn about ourselves.

It is the hope of the GA Program, that for every countless senior living in a residential care facility that sends out a silent cry for a friend; there will be a Guardian Angel volunteer that hears that cry and answers.

Service Opportunities
Senior Visitor: Go and visit with a senior(s) who may be in need of friendly chat, social stroll, or just a listening ear.
(Minimum 6 month commitment, 3 hours/month)

Activities Assistant: Whether it’s calling the numbers for bingo or facilitating a friendly game of bridge, facilities are always looking for individuals willing to lend their time and creativity. Plenty of facilities are even willing to customize activities to your talents, likes, and interest.
(Minimum 6 month commitment)

Pet Therapy: Have a pet that’s pet therapy certified? Well, the seniors are always thrilled to see the furry companions.
(Minimum 6 month commitment)

Program Support
Social Media/Communications: Do you use Twitter, Facebook, or blog? Perhaps you’re an aspiring writer, well why not put your talents and interest to use! Help us manage our Facebook page, write interesting articles for our newsletter, or visit facilities and interview some of the seniors. This is a virtual service opportunity so if you have a computer you can do this from home on your computer!
(Minimum 4 months commitment, 10-20 hours/month)

Community Outreach: Are you involved in the community or would like to be? Help out at health fairs, community fairs, or help with trainings and recruitments. We’ll train you and give you all the information you need then you can go out and inform others!
(6 month commitment, 8-10 hours/month)

Event Coordinating: Whether it’s a volunteer appreciation, regional softball game, or senior social they all require planning. Under the supervision of the program coordinator you’d be assisting to plan, oversee, and implement events that are being organized for the first time. The volunteer will have significant input in how the event will be structured.
(Commitment varies per event)

Get Involved
• No experience necessary
• Free trainings & workshops
• Flexible hours
• Under eighteen? It’s ok!! We accept minors

Program Coordinator
(619) 543-4700

For more information visit us online at

The Guardian Angels Program is funded through a grant from the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency, Aging & Independence Services (A.I.S.)