Glenner Memory Connection Institute

The Glenner Memory Connection Institute is a six-week brain fitness program for those who wish to be proactive about keeping their mind (and body) in shape during the aging process.

We wish to thank the following businesses and individuals for their donations to our April-June Glenner MCI session:

Hillcrest Sandwich Company
Deli Llama
Liz Reinhofer – Keepsake Choices
Elmcroft Senior Living
Diane Darby Beach – Vista Gardens
Holly Pobst – San Diego Alzheimer’s Association
Kira Anthofer – Centinela Senior Solutions

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Each class offers a variety of activities, including ”brain fitness” exercises done on iPads  thanks to a grant from the Del Mar Health Care Foundation at The San Diego Foundation.

The Glenner MCI program provides structured brain exercises designed to improve memory and protect against age-related cognitive decline. Classes are taught by a professional facilitator with more than a decade of experience working directly with the memory impaired.

iPadsRecent research into brain health has theorized that healthy, active brains have a “cognitive reserve” that results in fewer manifestations of Alzheimer’s Disease as well as slower age-related memory loss. The activities most correlated with a high cognitive reserve are 1) performing challenging mental tasks, 2) physical fitness, and 3) socializing. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but there are things we all can do to delay the onset of the symptoms of the disease and reduce risks associated with other dementias.

In addition to all educational materials, the session fee covers the cost of lunch. The cost is $350 for individuals and $600 for couples, with scholarships available.

To learn more or to sign up for our next session, call (619) 543-4700.


Are You Concerned About Memory Loss?
Our MCI Program participants may be experiencing mild memory loss or just be concerned about future memory loss. Still others have been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), or early-stage dementia. All have an active interest in and a capacity to learn what they can do to improve brain health.

Why Glenner Is The Right Choice
Over more than 30 years of service, Glenner staff have developed expert knowledge of a range of dementia-related illnesses. Additionally, Glenner has an unrivaled network of leading healthcare professionals in the fields of dementia and geriatric medicine in the San Diego area who play advisory roles for the organization. Participants in the Glenner MCI Program can expect the highest quality information and exercises to maintain brain health and a sincere concern for your well-being.

Plan now to spend some time with other “like-minded” San Diegans who are taking charge of their brain health. Call (619) 543-4700 for more information.